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"Like princesses or cartoon characters"

So our interview with one of the local newspapers, Östran, was in todays paper. They told us that it was going to be an entire page, so I'm guessing that they have a lot more pictures in the paper than they have in the online article.

They did more than alright ^^ They only made one mistake and it doesn't really matter...they took a quote and wrote that Maria said it when in fact it was me. No big deal ^^

Click here to go to the article in swedish

EDIT: Here you go:

Japan they would have fitted into street scene, but in Kalmar they attract attention. Frida Sandell, Sofia Bergstrand and Maria Sjöberg dress according to the Japanese Lolita-style. Picture: Ulrika Bergström
Like princesses or cartoon characters.
KALMAR. Their clothing style with Victorian dresses and platform shoes attracts attention wherever they go. The clothes are particularly appreciated by children and older ladies.
But to be able to dress in the Lolita style they have to either order them from Japan or make them themselves.
The details are important. But the overall impression is also as important. The silhouette is distinguished by a bell shaped skirt and a slim, high waist. It’s also important to make the right co-ordinations and to match colours. Antique white can absolutely not be mixed with bright white.
But it’s also pretty free to do whatever you want.
-The Lolita style evolved in protest against that the fashion became more and more revealing, says the 25-year old Kalmar student Maria Sjöberg who took a liking to the style 6 years ago.
And it really does feel more dressed up with knee high socks, bloomers, long-sleeved blouses and skirts or dresses with hems at right above the knee.
-I’ve been into goth and alternative fashion styles and I’ve always been interested by fashion that’s not jeans and t-shirt. In the Lolita style there’s everything I like about colour and goth and I love platforms, says Maria.
When she discovered the Lolita-style it was hard to find information about the clothes.
-There were only Japanese sites on the internet, where everything was in Japanese. There was nothing in English.
Forums on the net
To get the clothes was almost harder.
After a while the interest in the style grew outside of Japan, and in rate with that several internet forums were created where Lolita-interested could discuss the clothes.
Maria Sjöberg got to know the cousins Sofia Bergstrand, 22 years old from Karlskrona and Frida Sandell, 22 years old from Ryd, through a Swedish Lolita-forum on the internet.
In the beginning Sofia sewed some clothes for herself and for Frida.
Now the bigger clothing brands have started selling clothes over the internet. There are also western girls who live in Japan that helps to get and sell the clothes overseas on the internet.
-I think Sweden is too small for it to be possible for a store that sells Lolita-clothes to open here, the clientele here is not large enough, says Sofia.
But it happens that there is a complement in the Swedish stores. A blouse, a pair of socks or shoes that can be used with the Japan-imported clothes.
Sofia has always liked dressing up and dresses in the Lolita style when she wants to look smart.
-It’s not like I go to get milk in these clothes, I use them for a little more elegant occasions.
Dreams of Japan
Despite the large interest in the Japanese clothing style no Japan trip has been possible for any of them, but they have a dream to go there to shop and experience the Japanese culture.
And the interest for the Lolita-style will most likely persevere.
-I will continue to dress like this as long as it makes me happy, says Maria.
They think the style will always remain as an element in the way they dress.
-I don’t think I will grow tired of it. The issue will probably be more that I will feel I’ll be too old for it, says Sofia.
Maria, who sometimes dresses in Lolita for her lectures at her college, has noticed that the Kalmar residents watch her with curiosity.
-Overall most people think I look nice. Older ladies always say I look pretty and the children love it. They think you look like a princess or cartoon character, says Maria.
And it enough for them to walk out the door to attract attention.
-Oh, how lovely you look girls, exclaim a woman passing by.
Anna Smedberg
0480-613 00


Random note: To really get a good feel of how they were going to portray us I asked at the end of the interview what kind of impression they got of us and our style. The reporter girl said she felt like wearing a dress, and the photographer girl said she felt so gray and dull now. I smiled....how can you not when at least seems like you've inspired someone to try and take a step out of the norm? 

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